Drasko (38)

Hey there,

I'm Drasko, the founder of HowToGoSolar.org and my mission is to inspire you to take charge and try building your first solar project.

With easy-to-read posts on practical usage of solar energy and home improvement I want to help out beginners who feel like they're hamsters running on a treadmill and getting nowhere.

More about me: I've been working in the Fintech industry for more than 15 years now. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, Stargate Universe and Star Trek. I enjoy hiking and playing ping-pong.
And finally - I like building amazing DIY projects and sharing the details with other people around the globe.

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I suggest to start by reading the following posts:

Energy efficiency 101 including wind and solar power basics.

Learn How to Build DIY Solar Panels out of Beer Cans: The Ultimate Guide.

How to store solar energy using water tanks during daylight time and use it during the night.

As a beginner I started with small & simple DIY projects, failed many times, but learned a lot along the way.
Since then I've brushed my skills, built numerous solar panels, wind-generators and other gadgets.

So you're in the right place.