Reasons to Replace Your Windows

3 Important Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Home Improvement

Windows are integral in every home, letting in natural light and brighten living areas. However, it is important to make sure your windows are up to date, safe, and functioning correctly. New windows increase the value of a home. They are more energy-efficient, lowering your…

sand batteries

Homemade Sand Battery [DIY Climate Battery]

Energy Storage

The concept of a "sand battery" may seem unusual, but most recent experiments with cheap materials led to a super-simple (and cheap!) storage medium for excess heat harnessed from solar power. In this article, we will explore the potential advantages and disadvantages of using sand…

Cleaning Solar Panels with Simple Green

Cleaning Solar Panels with Simple Green

Residential Solar

Today I'm going to show you how to do a thorough cleaning of solar panels with "Simple Green". The truth is, the procedure I'm about to show you is way much safer than scrubbing the panels on the roof. It can be applied to all…

bay windows

Cost of Installing a Bay Window [in 2022]

Home Improvement

Bay windows can offer a beautiful and unique view from any home. They provide a wider range of view than a standard window because they are built to extend from an outside wall. As a result, this can help to make a room seem larger…

The Best Solar Companies In Maryland

The Best Solar Panel Companies In Maryland [in 2024]

Residential Solar

Maryland is an ambitious player in the US solar energy industry, listed as 17th in the National Solar Ranking. With an installed capacity of 1,288.70 MW, Maryland generates enough solar energy to supply 4.23% of its power consumption, powering 147,244 homes. The installed solar capacity…

Top DIY Solar Forums

Best DIY Solar Forums [in 2023]

Residential Solar

Today I'm going to show you what are the best DIY solar forums that helped me gain valuable ideas (and even some less known tricks) for most of the solar projects that I have successfully built in the past. The truth is, I was one…

how to clean the sink overflow that smells

How to Clean the Sink Overflow? [4 Easy Tips]

Home Improvement

It is a common thing for a sink overflow to get clogged. If the hole keeps getting blocked, the excess water gets out of control, and your floor can be flooded. Besides that, if the sink overflow is not cleaned regularly, it is more likely…

Solar, Wind and Energy Efficiency Basics

Solar, Wind and Energy Efficiency Basics

Residential Solar

Did you know that many off-grid homes are totally energy and water sufficient? They are not connected to or dependent upon utility power lines, and city water supplies, and sewers. The best part? You can do that as well! So here are a few essential…

Hydroponics plant growing

Hydroponics, Plants, Pots, and Propagation Explained


What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is a container-based cultivation process that delivers liquid nutrients to the root system via a porous growing medium, usually Rockwool. However, in this energy-efficient, carbon footprint conscious world, PolyPonics uses coir as the growing medium, a biodegradable product. In addition, because…

solar space heater

Portable Solar Space Heaters: The Ultimate Guide

Residential Solar

When someone mentions space heaters, what usually comes to mind is some device drawing kilowatts of electric power. But it doesn't have to be like that. For the last 10 years, I have successfully used a solar powered heater and the free sun's energy for…

best residential solar design practices

6 Best Residential Solar Design Practices

Residential Solar

Before even thinking about going solar, you need to learn about the guidelines and solar design best practices. You must be asking why? It will save you a lot of money and disappointments in the long run. And today we are going to show you…

growing vegetables in kitchen garden

Growing Vegetables in a Kitchen Garden


A kitchen garden has a special charm all its own. The satisfaction of growing vegetables for your own use, together with the cost-saving factor, is an unbeatable duo. And if you add a few decorative herbs to the mix, your kitchen garden will look as…

Growing Unusual Fruit and Vegetables

Growing Unusual Fruit and Vegetables - Take a Chance!


Although supermarkets are now stocking more varieties of fruit and vegetables than ever before, they still only represent a tiny portion of what is available to the home grower. Flick through any seed catalog, and you will gain an indication of the wealth of plants…

nettle soil fertilizer

Nettle Fertilizer - Great for Leaves, Bad for Fruit and Flowers?


Nettle feed is one of the easiest ways to produce a cheap yet effective fertilizer for your garden plants and vegetables. Nettles, being typically dark, green, and leafy, are extremely rich in nitrogen. So brewing a liquid fertilizer from these prolific plants creates a rich…

Different Soil Types

Understanding Different Soil Types


Understanding the soil in your garden is vital to producing a successful crop. Different plants have specific needs from the soil they grow in. While some plants are best suited to fertile soil, others may produce excessive growth at the expense of flowers and fruit.

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about LED Replacement Bulbs

Home Improvement

Performance and technology behind LED replacement bulbs are continuously improving. At the same time, prices are going down, which makes LEDs an affordable solution for many homeowners. Did you know that traditional (incandescent) light bulbs are actually electric space heaters that give off light only as…

solar cells - how they work?

Solar Cells: How They Work

Residential Solar

An amazing amount of power comes blasting out of the sun every day. As a result, nearly all the energy and movement on planet Earth have the sun as an ultimate source. What other power sources do we have on earth? It has been estimated…

wooden window sill

Solved: How to Cover Old Window Sills with PVC

Home Improvement

All over the country, homeowners are forced to paint old wood window sills and trim year after year. Even after replacing the window with a new vinyl replacement window, the old window sill is still exposed to the rain, wind and sun. A common remedy…

how to grow and pick radishes in garden

How to Grow and Harvest Radishes: An Easy Guide


Figuring out how to grow radishes in a garden is simple; it’s one of the easiest veggies to grow! Radishes are forgotten by gardeners too often. They don’t have as many uses as carrots or lettuce, yet radishes are a valuable crop you shouldn’t leave…

organic gardening

6 Actionable Tips How to Conquer Problems in Your Organic Garden


Organic gardening is all about growing healthy fruits and vegetables without using chemicals in a natural way that protects the consumer and the environment. It's not hard to accomplish this on a small scale where lots of attention can be lavished on individual plants. However,…

do replacement windows save energy and money

If I Replace my Windows do I Save Energy and Money?

Home Improvement

Many people make it a goal to become more environmentally conscious in the New Year. Suppose you are looking to go green when it comes to your home. In that case, one significant step is to make the switch to energy-efficient windows that will help you…

low-e windows

What are the Most Energy Efficient Windows?

Home Improvement

This is the truth about the most energy-efficient window: The most energy-efficient windows are concrete walls. But seriously, all major window manufacturers make Energy Star-rated windows because energy efficiency is really in right now. Federal rebates are nationwide, although pricing typically varies by area. The…

solar heating for greenhouses

Why You Should Consider a Solar Powered Greenhouse

Heating and Cooling

When it comes to heating their greenhouses, gardeners are always looking for better options that offer unique improvements. Solar technology is a good match for their needs, especially since there are better solar greenhouse options coming online all the time. So let's start with an…

Solar LED Flashlight that Unfolds to Recharge

Residential Solar

Very cool solar LED flashlight called the "SunLight" is constructed using a combination of foldable 3Watt solar panel and hi-power LEDs. This useful and unique gadget represents a lovely artistic creation. Hermann Eske invented the SunLight. It is a solar-powered flashlight with foldable solar panels hidden beneath…