3 Important Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Windows are integral in every home, letting in natural light and brighten living areas. However, it is important to make sure your windows are up to date, safe, and functioning correctly.

New windows increase the value of a home. They are more energy-efficient, lowering your utility bill to bring savings along with improved visual aesthetics.

But are there some other reasons for window replacement?

Sure, because window replacement can also increase home comfort.

Let's dive right in.

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Increase Home Value

There are many home improvement projects that people consider undertaking in the New Year. Some offer better returns on investment than others.

Replacing your windows is one of the smartest home improvements to take on if your goal is to break even on your purchase.

A study by The National Association of Realtors found that replacement windows increase your home's value by 97% of the cost. In other words, you will recoup 97% of the money spent on windows in resale value.

New windows will also make a home feel larger and more spacious, with clear panes that bring in greater amounts of natural light.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient vinyl or fiberglass windows can reduce up to 35% of your heating and cooling costs, so consider these savings when evaluating whether to replace your windows.

Older homes usually have single-pane, aluminum windows, and upgrading these will make a big difference. Up to date windows that are sealed tighter will allow less air to leak in, reducing heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

In addition to sealing the air inside, these windows will keep noise out more effectively and create a peaceful home environment.

Spoiler alert: You can easily improve old, single-pane windows by installing bubble wrap insulation.

Read more to learn about other benefits of energy-efficient windows, including a lower utility bill, better ventilation, and a less drafty home.

Improve Operation, Functionality and Comfort

Windows become frustrating when they do not function properly. Often they are hard to open, close, or clean and can also pose a safety hazard. Cracks that occur in a windowpane are dangerous, and when this happens, the best option is to move forward with a replacement.

Keep an eye on your windows and look for telltale signs they are no longer functioning properly.

Some of these include condensation on the windows indicating faulty seals, and a drafty home indicating your windows are not keeping air out. Poorly sealed windows will also let dirt, dust, and bugs into your home, so look for these as well.

Finally, be sure to hire a licensed and reputable contractor to ensure your windows are installed correctly for optimal performance and safety.

Bonus Tip: Window Replacement Options

There are many available window options to fit any budget and home style. Window frames can be made from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

The most affordable option is vinyl-frame windows, and these have the added benefit of being very energy efficient.

Wood frames bring a classic look to your home but require a decent amount of upkeep and must be stained or painted to maintain their appearance.

See also: How to wrap old wood window sills with PVC.

Aluminum-frame windows are affordable and low maintenance but conduct heat easily, making them a better choice if you live in a warm climate.

Fiberglass and composite-frame windows are a newer material option. They are robust and energy-efficient as well, although usually slightly more expensive than vinyl.

Talk to your contractor about the different window frame options available and what will work best for your house and climate.

With so many options available for different budgets and styles, finding the perfect windows has never been easier.

Smart investments in your home will pay off in the long term, and keeping your house bright and comfortable makes a difference you will notice every day.

Bonus Tip: Choosing the "Right" Window Replacement Company

Today, many homes need new windows, but how do homeowners choose the "right" company to do the work? Most homeowners don't have the time or the know-how to install their own windows, so they must rely on a professional to do the job.

The only problem is that all contractors claim to be "professional" and claim to be the "best". So you can't just take the contractor's word for it.

As with any home improvement project, shopping for replacement windows can be a daunting and scary task resulting in either a job well done or a never-ending nightmare that could cost much more than you ever anticipated. Because your home is your biggest investment in many cases, you need to do your due diligence and choose the right company to improve it.

Where to start

It would help if you start by checking with your friends, co-workers, and family. Inquire if they know of someone in the window replacement business or if they know of anyone who has recently had their windows replaced.

An acquaintance that has had a pleasant experience with a particular window company is typically one of the best and most credible ways to begin your search. If they were happy, then most likely you too will be.

Your next best option is to check with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB can provide you with a detailed record of customers' experiences regarding window companies in your town.

Only once you have exhausted all of these resources you will need to check the more mainstream resources like the phonebook, newspaper, etc. (Important Note: up and until now, each of these resources has been methods by which you initiate contact with the company.) If you are ever contacted directly by a window company via an unsolicited telephone call, interrupted while shopping, or by a door to door canvasser at your home, you may want to take extra caution.

These are sales tactics typically employed by high-pressure, over-priced window companies. Just remember, it is important to research all of the referral as mentioned above sources thoroughly, whether it be a door-to-door salesman or your best friend's referral. After all, it is your home we're talking about!

Do your homework

Once you have chosen at least three different companies to consider doing business with, you will want to begin research. It would be best if you used the following checklist:

  1. Do they have a physical business address (no PO boxes) and a full-service showroom? It is extremely important to visit the company's place of business. This is the only way to determine if the company truly exists. Many window replacement contractors operate out of their homes or truck. How would you find them if you should ever need them?
  2. How long have they been in business? A solid history of service in the local market is a must. If a company has not been operating in the local area for at least five years under the same company name (no DBA's – doing business as names), you may want to reconsider. Most home remodelers fail within the first five years of business. Who will perform warranty work if it's ever needed?
  3. Can they offer references and customer testimonials?
  4. Are they in good standing with the local Better Business Bureau?
  5. Do they offer quality products?
  6. Do they offer written warranties on product and workmanship?
  7. Are they licensed and insured?
  8. Are their window installers adequately trained?
  9. How do they advertise? Are their ads honest and accurate, or are they misleading and false? If what they are promoting is not what you can actually purchase, you may want to move on. This may be an indicator of future misrepresentations. All of the above questions can be answered by telephone. If the company insists that a salesperson must come to your home before answering these questions, then immediately move on. Otherwise, you open yourself up to high-pressure sales tactics and games. Once all of the questions have been answered satisfactorily, request a free in-home demonstration with the company.

Your salesperson should be:

  • Punctual
  • Polite and well educated in their products and all aspects of window replacement
  • Free of aggressive sales tactics and pricing gimmicks

The average sales appointment should only take 30-45 minutes, and there is no need for an appointment to last 4 or 5 hours – unless you want it to!

Be aware of the following high-pressure sales tactics (they are quite entertaining!):

  • The commercial project: the salesperson tells you that he/she can combine your window order with another larger commercial project he/she is doing (typically an apartment building) if you purchase immediately. This is usually followed by a discount that will only be available NOW, because once the larger order is placed, he/she can no longer get you the discount. These projects simply do not exist. Even if they did, for a proper fit, your windows must be custom-made for your home and would never match another project's dimensions.
  • Significant discounts for yard signs: by placing a yard sign in your yard, the company will offer you a considerable discount (30-50%), but only if you sign NOW! Sometimes this will be followed by a statement like, "we can offer you these extra savings because we will be saving in advertising expenses". Again, this is just a sales tactic designed to pressure you into signing immediately.
  • "Buy one, get one free" OR "buy one, get one for a dollar": Come on now, does anyone ever really fall for this one? Unfortunately, yes, or companies wouldn't use it! Why not just advertise the real price for the one window? Well, because the price for the one window is so high that you are really purchasing the two, making it appear that you are getting something free.
  • Model home: This method is usually introduced via an unsolicited phone call or door to door canvasser and comes in many varieties:

The company is new in the area or in the neighborhood and would like to use your home as the model home for the area.

The company is seeking a model home to place in their new brochure and would like to use your home.

The company is new in the area, so they are offering large discounts to build a customer base to use in their picture books.

And so on… There are endless combinations to this tactic.

One can never be 100% assured that they are making the right decision. Still, if you do some research, you can drastically increase your chances of ending up with a successful home improvement project that will make you happy for years to come.

Good Luck!